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556 Logy Bay Rd. St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador A1A 5G6

Our Services



Please don't think that because you find yourself with a problem after regular business hours that you can not reach a veterinarian.  After listed business hours, expert veterinarian care is provided by the Veterinary Speciality Centre. Located at 860 Topsail Road, please feel free to call or drop in for to receive the care your pet requires.


During these visits, our veterinarians will discuss vaccinations, diet, blood screening, parasitism and behaviour with you.  At the Avalon Animal Hospital we believe that preventative health visits benefit all ages, from puppy or kitten all the way to the beloved senior pet.  Please feel free to come prepared with questions; we will be happy to discuss them with you.


For those difficult times when our furry companions are not feeling the best, the Avalon Animal Hospital's fully equipped laboratory, digital radiology suite, surgical services and skilled and compassionate staff are here to help. Whether your pet needs surgery, has developed a condition that requires long term care or is simply not at his or her best, we can help get your pet back on the road to health. 


At the Avalon Animal Hospital, we offer medical care for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to: skin disease, eye disease, heart disease, gastrointesinal disease, respiratory disease, neurological disease, diseases of the urinary tract and diseases of the endocrine system like diabetes, hypo- or hyperthyroidism. Our skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians will use all of our diagnostic tools in pursuit of an accurate and timely diagnosis of your pet's condition. 

On occasion, a pet needs to be kept in hospital for a short time to get back on the road to good health.  Our skilled staff and well-equipped hospital ensure that your pet will receive excellent quality and compassionate care.


Spays, Neuters and Dental procedures are performed daily at the Avalon Animal Hospital. We also offer many other surgical procedures such as: lump removals, a wide variety of abdominal surgeries, eye surgeries and some orthopedic surgeries.

At the Avalon Animal Hospital, we take surgery and anesthesia very seriously. Your pet is examined and has his or her presurgical blood results evaluated before the appropriate anesthetic protocol is determined. While the veterinarian performs the surgery, a veterinary technician monitors your pet's vital signs. The technician is also responsible for administering any medications during the surgical procedure. During surgery there is one patient per one veterinary technician.

Once the surgical procedure is finished, your pet is then put under the watchful care of the post-operative recovery technician whose sole priority is monitoring the health status of all of our surgical patients. She administers pain medications and whatever other medications that have been ordered by the veterinarians. She skillfully guides our patients safely in recovery.

At the Avalon Animal Hospital no surgery is considered "routine". Every patient is treated as an individual by our skilled staff. We are very proud of the thorough care that we provide our surgical patients. 


Our pharmacy is fully stocked. Prescription refills must be pre-approved by the attending veterinarian and, therefore, require 48 hour advance notice. All prescription repeats expire after one year and will require and annual exam to be refilled.

To request a refill of your pet's medication, please call us at 754-1750.

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